Megan Bure is a main and recurring character in "GLEE: A New Generation". She is one of the main focuses of the series along with her brother Keegan Bure, being the only two related in the series. She is very good friends with "The Cheerios", her brother, Joselyn Holmes, Evan Robb, and Mickey Larson (Upcoming Character). She makes her debut in "The Start of Something New", when she and her brother get detention for skipping class.

Megan is portrayed by "Shake It Up" star Caroline Sunshine.

 Name: Megan Bure
 Hair Color: Blonde 
 Eye Color: Blue 
 Gender: Female
 Age: 15
 Weight: 116 lbs.
 Height: 5'6"
 Sexuality: TBA
 Relationships: TBA
 Birthday: May 6th, 1998
 First Appearance: TBA 
 Last Appearance: TBA 
 Portrayed By: Caroline Sunshine

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