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                                Joselyn Holmes is a main and recurring character in "GLEE: A New Generation." She is one of the main focuses throughout the series, seeing as how her receiving detention led to the relaunching of The New Directions. She is very close friends with Audrey Lewis, Evan Robb, and Emileigh Triss. Her debut was in Season 1, Episode 1: "The Start of Something Knew", where she is a freshman at William McKinley High School and receives detention from Principal Lea Daniels for running into her.

Joselyn is portrayed by former contestant on "The Voice" Joselyn Rivera.

General Information
 Name: Joselyn Holmes
 Hair Color: Black 
 Eye Color: Brown 
 Gender: Female
 Age: 15 (Season 1)
 Weight: 120 lbs.
 Height: 5'6" 
 Birthday: December 10th, 1998
 Sexuality: TBA
 Relationships: TBA
 First Appearance: TBA
 Last Appearance: TBA
 Portrayed By: Joselyn Rivera

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Joselyn on the first day of school

Joselyn preparing to perform.

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