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William McKinley High School. Lima, Ohio. It has now been three years since the death of quarterback Finn Hudson, the terror brought on by principal/coach Sue Sylvester, and the graduation of your favorite Glee Club members. But now, Sue's ran of terror has been replaced with a new terror. Principal Lea Daniels. This heartless southern bell has it out for the school. But makes the mistake of giving detention to nine kids. When Joselyn, Audrey, Keegan, Megan, Burn (Brandon), Sizzle (Lauren), Evan, Mikey, and Emileigh are forced to have detention in the former Glee Club room, they get the idea to start the Glee Club back up with the help of new teacher/friend Scarlet Manfirge. Lea will soon learn how hard it is to run this school when music is the ultimate source of power among her students.

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